The Louise Prete Story
Louise Prete was born in Italy on April 15, 1910. She came to Canada as young girl with her two brothers and four sisters.

Louise grew up in a large Italian family where the love of food was ever present. Louise married when she was a young woman and settled down with my grandfather and started a family. Shortly after they were married they built and ran a small hotel. While my grandfather saw to hotel guests and the front desk my grandmother took care of the hotels kitchen and dining room. As a kid growing up my family would often spend summer holidays with my grandparents at the Normandie hotel. The kitchen was the hub of all activity and where we spent most of our time. At night the dinning room was bustling and busy with hotel guests. It was sheer excitement for me, watching my grandmother prepare and cook her mouthwatering Italian specialties was a thrill. Dinner was always a big event with my family, homemade pasta made that day, rolled out and cut into strands that seemed to go on forever. There was always a tomato sauce that simmered for hours filling the kitchen with delightful aromas. The food was simple but beautifully prepared and delicious.

The time spent with my grandmother in her kitchen watching her lovingly prepare food for her family and guests is where I discovered my love of food and my inspiration for Louise Prete Fine Foods.

My Nonna was thrilled with the idea!