How to make ‘Quarantine Cooking’ With Kids Fun!

Mother & Daughter Making Pizza with Louise's Sugo Pomodoro con Soffritto


We recognize that you’ve got lots going on right now simply trying to keep your life in order—so how do you cook with your kids without it feeling like more work than you’ve already got on your plate?

Done properly, cooking with kids can fill that need and teach important life skills.

Here’s our Tips:

1. Make it a Game
Everything is more fun when it’s a game. Kids love to use their imagination. There can be as much fun and creativity in imagining what to make for their favourite character as there is in cooking something for that character.

2. Let Kids Lead
Letting kids choose which recipes they’d like to make, or which ingredients they’d like to cook with, is empowering and a positive way to engage them.

3. Cook Together
Cooking can provide teachable moments, especially when you choose to cook together. Math and science lessons are nestled inside every recipe and can bring joy if you seek them out together. 


We recommend Louise’s Sugo Pomodoro con Soffritto as a base to your Pizza Sauce. Pizza sauce is one of those pantry staples that is always great to have on hand.

Pizza is a great blank canvas for you and the kids to add your toppings depending on what kind of Pizza you’re making. It’s perfect for times like this where you really need to make something FAST.

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