Join our 1,000,000 Meal Challenge


Our Vision is there is always food to share

Help bring our vision to life!

Louise Prete taught us to practice generosity and that there’s always room for another seat at the table.

Thanks to this memory of his Nonna, Louise Prete Food founder, Michael Malleau shifted his company this purpose and committed to supporting local farmers and communities amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Never before has this lesson from Nonna become more relevant in these uncertain times. This commitment was made with regular donations to Louise Prete Food’s non-profit partner, the Parkdale Community Food Bank.

Join us in our 1,000,000 meal challenge. 

Every time you buy our product, we donate a meal to help make the world hunger-free through our partnership with the Parkdale Community Food Bank.

Since 2020, we have donated 2,200 meals and counting. 

Food Banks continue to combat the immediate needs of those affected by the effects of COVID-19. This year more than ever, vulnerable communities need our help. 

We are proud that these donations are a part of Louise Prete’s ongoing commitment to support our local community.