About | The Louise Prete Story

"Sugo means sauce."

- Michael Malleau, C.E.O. & Founder, Louise Prete Food

(Pictured: Michael Malleau, 2019)

"We all know good sugo is hard to find."

"Louise Prete loved to cook and connect through food. It was her mission. The time spent with my grandmother in her kitchen watching her lovingly prepare food for her family and guests is where I discovered my love of food and my inspiration for Louise Prete Food."

Michael Malleau decided to follow his heart and love of cooking to bring you a taste of Italy. 

"Nonna and myself bonded and connected through the act of teaching and learning how to make her version of a simple sugo recipe."

This tradition was the foundation of our sugo that we share with you. Many of our interpretations of Louise’s iconic recipes have not only garnered commercial success, but have delighted our families and loved ones for generations. 

"Sauce matters...

...so eat with others, be in the moment and love your cooking. 

Buon appetito!"

-  Michael Malleau