Sustainability | Louise Prete Food

Basil Plant in the Sun

The choices we collectively make—as food producers, business partners and families—create positive change.

We’re constantly on the lookout for new and better ways to impact the world around us, and we know that everything we’ve done to date is just the beginning of bigger and better things to come.

Our goal is zero-waste production by 2023.

We are taking steps to attaining our goal: 

  • Our packaging is fully recyclable & reusable. 
  • Any plastics are re-purposed throughout all of our distribution channels. 
  • All raw materials are sourced responsibly with the support of local farmers. 
  • We aim to collect, divert, reuse and recycle 99.7% of what would otherwise enter the waste stream.

We’re all interconnected with food – our environment – and our communities.

We want to engage our customers - on this journey of understanding the seed-to-table cycle. We have some exciting things in the works as we head into this year. Stay tuned!